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I provide a private chef in Barcelona, Sitges, Girona, and surrounding cities. Many times I serve in Air BNB appartments, Vilas and at home, This blog is to show you how easy it is for you to get beautiful breakfast, lunch, or dinner prepared by me


Mignon and her parents have called me to organize a surprise birthday party on their holiday visit to Barcelona and have booked a private chef for their Airbnb apartment with Bistronomy.


I got a call from Mignon in November explaining to me that they are visiting Barcelona with a whole family and staying in an Airbnb apartment and need my private chef service to organize her sister’s 20th birthday. She has explained to me what are they after and that they really like my profile and the fact I have so many great reviews.

We have talked about my style of cooking and I saw an opportunity to serve some new dishes as the season brought beautiful truffles, we had a whole collection of wild mushrooms which I really enjoy cooking and also the weather is colder than the rest of the year so I thought to showcase my take on some of this beautiful Catalan dishes and have fun with the presentation.


Our suppliers

I have managed to get a new supplier for the local caviar from Pyrenees mountains called Nacarii caviar made in high mountains and from the surgeon. Really great taste. As I have mentioned I work a lot with my truffle forager from the Pyrenees and also the wild mushroom supplier.

We spoke about the menu and thought to have a couple of pre-starter before I served a Champagne.



First starter

Oysters and dashi vinaigrette were served on the bed of the ice. The oyster  NO2 are a beautiful French oyster from my fish supplier Sergi Arrom


Second Pre starter

Scallop tartar with Caviar. The tartar was made using Japanese-inspired flavors that matched champagne and caviar perfectly. I have written a recipe here. I thought to serve it on the spoons that way would be very easy to eat for the family and enjoy champagne in the hand and the idea worked well.


Pre-starter where a great success and have shown a little bit way how will be the rest of the dinner.

I have set up a table with whole table cloth and brought wine glasses, cutlery, white cloth napkins custom made plates to make the experience just like in a very good restaurant. and set the table.


To follow

Before the start of the starter, I have presented my bread. I really like bread and since it started for me it is a very important food that we sometimes take for granted. I am making my bread from my own sourdough starter and make it without any commercial yeast but use only water, flour, and a little salt. it takes more than 24 hours to make. I tell you every single time I serve it people really love it and really compliment it. I go even further and only purchase stone milled organic flour and it is just amazing.


First Starter

Tart with Cep ragu and parmesan foam

The idea behind this dish is to serve as poshest quiche possible. Tartler I use lour but also finely bent sourdough and a little parmesan in a dough that makes pastry nice and crunchy and full of beautiful aroma. The tart is also baked just before serving to fill the dining area with the aroma of the freshly baked tart. The wild cep ragout I make separately and to perfect consistency so it is really and delicious and I fill u the tart just before serving. to finish the plate I have made a very light parmesan foam that just complements the tartlet and connects the flavors even more.


Second starter

Bouillabaisse soup served with potato gnocchi, crispy octopus, and salsa ruilli

This soup is many times served on Christmas and special occasions by many families here. My take is to serve it with an octopus that has been previously brazed to a very soft texture and then done tempura so it is soft in the middle and crispy on the outside.


 Main course


Braised oxtail cannelloni with foie grass and shaved black truffle topped with red wine reduction sauce. This is one of my favorite dishes to serve to my guests as I like fresh pasta dishes as I make them myself. The oxtail I braze slowly a few hours until very soft and fold apart and I fill up the pastry just with meat and reducing a brazing liquid with a couple of bottles of red wine and a little bit of brandy. I serve this with a little bit of foie grass ganache and top it up with sauce and grate the truffle on the table for a little theatre.



Valrhona 72% chocolate tart with a homemade matcha ice cream, chocolate ganache, crumble, and a little bit of edible gold. I have not mentioned but the family came from Belgium and they love chocolate and the chocolate in Belgium is huge and they loved my tart


Petit fours

Homemade chocolate truffles and macaroons


Are you also looking for a private chef for your birthday party?

 If you are thinking to book a private chef service for Airbnb? Don’t hesitate to contact me to see all available options, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner maybe a birthday party, stag due, hens party I am here to help you get anything you need. I offer a very friendly easy-going service and the option to design the menu to every client’s needs. I can arrange a special menu for anyone with allergies and any special diets.


Image: Our Chocolate tart 

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