Catering for a birthday party

Welcome to our journal. In this post you can find one of our many different services we provide. It is important for me to explain on how easy be to get our catering service for birthday parties and how important is the quality. dinner table Our catering service for birthday parties is probably reason why I get most calls. What I enjoy most about my work is that is always different as I make sure each guest gets what they want from me. We are creating a unique experience for each guest and I always enjoy to see my guest satisfied on their event at the end that is why I am there, to make people happy and enjoy their time.
private chef dishes
Some of our most popular dishes from the past
Most of the events we do are private chef and catering for birthday parties and reunions and I thought to explain a little bit more in detail of how we prepared an event with Andrea to celebrate 50th birthday party for her husband. Our main priority is that we are able to customize an event to your liking. What is special with us that you having our service right at your own home, private villa, apartment or Air BNB rental. Next goal is that the food you are going to eat is super delicious just like in fine dining restaurant and have very helpful, super friendly people to do it for you.  

What was special about our last catering for birthday?

I was done in the office….right …in the regular office, one without the kitchen, plates etc. …but it had a beautiful terrace which Andrea and her friends have decorated. We have brought all of the cooking equipment, plates, cutlery, glasses, tablecloths and napkins so the food and service would be just like in the restaurant AT NO EXTRA COST.   After with speaking with Andrea we have created a simple but super delicious menu featuring best produce. Andrea thought it would be great to divide the menu into three parts canapés that could be served while enjoying glass of cava. She said her husband loves the seafood and would like to serve maybe menu inspired on good seafood.  

1st aperitives

To accompany glass of cava, beers we have created: Extra large cockles with smoked soya sauce. We have steamed cockles and once they opened we have cleaned them and separate the meat ad marinated in smoked soya and presented on the plate with a white stone for a special presentation.   French oysters with a vegetable and seaweed cream and salmon caviar Scallop tartar with kimchi sauce Flan of butternut squash with dashi sauce and sea urchins   Our homemade sourdough bread with tomatoes and olive oil    

2nd main course

Paella with prawns and scallops
Catering paella
Paella Catering for birthday parties
This paella was something special. We make ourselves a 6 hour sofrito, Red fumet that is done with crabs, prawn and roasted fish bones and special bomba rice all cooked on a fire that we have brought with us. The quality of this paella was really superior with my favorite Carabineros and scallops.  

3rd Dessert

  Bacque cheesecake with matcha and macreted trawberries
Bistronomy Cheesecake
Our cheesecake
The birthday boy was super happy and us too that we could help another buch of very nice and friendly people.   Our mission is to make a highest quality food and very friendly service.  Be it your home, garden or the office and party of 2 or 22 the quality of the food must be the same as some of the best restaurants in Barcelona. Our now more that 19 years of experience helps us to deal with situation like this one we have our own equipment just like I the restaurant to cook a great paella and we come very prepared with best ingredients we find on the market.   Are you planing a birthday party and need a catering? Call Bistronomy