My Best Cheesecake Recipe

I have been working on a good recipe I think I found my “best version of cheesecake” for my guests. The obsession has been going on for three years and I have been tweaking the recipe for two years and I have found that this one is just perfect.

Bistronomy Cheesecake

Our cheesecake

This recipe is really good as it has all of the textures and tastes crunchy, set, creamy sweet, salty umami ……

It is so good that you will not need anything with it no ice creams or fruits…simple though I have found that Matcha tea powder sprinkled on top is the best for me and that is how I serve it too to my customers.

This recipe is super simple and you know all of the ingredients. The best results are if you make this cheesecake recipe a day in advance as you will take it out of the oven as it is still in liquid form and you just need to trust me with it and the final result will be super creamy.


Mixer, the one you make smoothies, 21cm round cake mould and an any regular or conventional oven.

Set the oven on 180degrees Celsius.


Biscuit base of the cheesecake:

Digestive biscuits 200g

Butter 150g

Cocoa powder 7g

Sugar 50g

Pinch of salt


1 Melt the butter

2 Blend biscuits to a similar to semolina texture.

3 pour butter, pinch of salt and sugar over the biscuits and blend for 2 seconds

4 The consistency of the mixture should not be too wet but you it should sort of hold together once you put it in the round cake mould.

Take cake mould and put mixture in and tap it so it comes almost solid (it should not me more than 7 mm. once it is done put it in the fridge or freezer while we make a cheesecake mixture.  


Do not wash the mixer right now.. just set it up again and put all of the cheesecake ingredients inside:


520g of Philadelphia Cheese

250 g of double cream

5 eggs

Pinch of salt

95g of fresh cheese

85g of Parmesan (this is a must it will give it an amazing taste, you can also use a goat cheese, or blue cheese)

200g of sugar

10g of flour

Once you put in the mixer the ingredients above set the mixer o the highest speed and blend around for 7 minutes. You know when creating a pastry it is all about following and understanding the texture so here the texture of this must be like a smooth like silky double cream.

Once you have it take the mould and pour over the (now set) biscuit base.

Put it inside now preheated (180 degrees Celsius) conventional oven and let ir bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour, the idea is that it does not overcook and stays creamy in the centre rather than compleatly set but please make sure that the sides are actually set. The way  to check is to tap it lightly  and see that it is wobly creamy in the middle.Take it out of the oven and once cool store in the fridge overnight as that will allow the cheesecake to set.


Now it is important that you understand that when you take out this cheesecake it is liquid but it is correct just trust me let the cheesecake to cool down and set it in the fridge at least for 3 hours that is why I make my cheesecake a day in advance and take it out about an hour before you want to serve it. You will see now that it has set to perfection. Cut your desired portions


Once you put it on the plate sprinkle it with a matcha powder just before serving.

Let me know in the comment below if you have tried this recipe and how worked for you but I guarantee a success. It takes maybe 30 minutes of work and you have a winner desert.

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