Dinner Party service for 17 in Sitges

Our service journal I have been preparing a private dinner party catering for a Philippe a client of mine, for which I prepared a birthday party with my private chef service in Sitges. I thought to write a little journal about how this private chef service came out for people that might want to book a catering or private chef in Barcelona, Sitges, Olivella or Costa Brava.

  Philippe have contacted me on my website to explain what sort of services I offer and if I would like to cater as a private chef for his birthday party for 17 people in Sitges. I was really happy as this is sort of a service I enjoy most. beautifull lake view After speaking to Philippe, he really want to make sure he gets a quality ingredients, treat them really well and prepare a delicious meal. He enjoys a mediterranean and Japanese cuisine with a nice touch and loves the seafood. I really loves this two cuisines myself and I as a private chef like to make fusion of Japanese and mediterranean tastes.

The menu

Homemade sourdough bread Wood oven toasted almond dip with spices, Ecologic olive oil and anchovy Hamachi and soy sauce Oysters with dashi Seaweed, ginger & trout roe Croquetas made with porcini mushrooms Truffle emulsion Gazpacho with cherries and cherry tomatoes Roasted sea bass and carabinero prawns Grilled beef fillet from local farm Birthday cake

How did the service go?

Private chef service in Sitges

More about the food

The service went really well we have decided to serve first three courses as a canapes so people can eat chatting while enjoying champagne. Hamachi came from friends of mine a company providing sustainable Kingfish Yellowtail. I have been working with them on the world seafood and fish exposition in Barcelona so I knew the quality is really great and they really loved it. We followed with the oysters. I really enjoy serving oysters since we where catering for dinner party in the house right next to the seaside in the Sitges. My favourite fish supplier is Arrom with which I have worked for many years going back when I was a head chef in a Hotel Wittmore and I really like the quality they provide. I like using French oysters NO2 they are just right size for my preference. I open the oysters saving the liquid and putting the oyster back in once I open all of them I season the oyster water with pepper, soy sauce and lime juice and put it back on the oyster. I decorate them with seaweed (Sea moss), lime zest, trout roe & little more pepper. To serve I use a large sea salt and stones with shells as a decoration plus the oysters are looking great on it too.
Private dinner party
Next was homemade porcini croquettes with emulsion made with truffle from Pyrenees mountains. I like using Japanese bread crumbs on the croquettes as they are crunchy without being too soggy. After eating first few tapas Philippe and his friends have sat down for the rest of the menu. Classic gazpacho made with cherry tomatoes and because the cherries are right in the season I have started to make the cherries and cherry tomatoes as it is working great in this hot weather. Roasted sea bass fillet which I served along soft shell carabinero prawn and classic “arroz meloso’ made with 6 hour sofrito, tomatoes, Nora peppers and saffron. The rice was topped with little bit of the chicken reduction and ruilli Desert I have made a chocolate birthday cake After service I have packed all of my dinnerware as I like to bring my own, cutlery and obviously deep cleaned the kitchen and left it cleaner as before as that is my standard. Thank you very much for reading my service journal and have informed you more less of what you can get if you book me as a private chef, personal chef for a dinner party. If you are planning your holidays and would like my services do not hesitate to book me.