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How have we adapted our service during the COVID

If you told me two years ago what was going to happen I would not believe it. It hits us all, you and me. We all have huge responsibility now and I have put some serious thought into doing things even with more food safety now.


The hospitality business as all others is hugely affected by it and so does Bistronomy. I have been pretty much fully booked from now until September. I have previously organised and built up service mostly for people who come for holidays and need a private chef in Barcelona, Sitges, Castelldefels, Villarana, Girona, Villadecans, Blanes, Lloret de Mar and surrounding cities. Honestly, I did not know that I would be that popular but have gained what I believe is a good name for my really good food and service and that I really care and want to provide the best possible service to my clients.


Our Plans for the future stay the same but we have slightly postponed renting a new place. We had not changed our minds but with everything very much in the air that happened….13th of March… We had to stop serving for almost three months and since we march I have begun to rethink and see how am I going to operate meanwhile I accepted that I would probably lose all the bookings, which happened and I have started to work on promoting my business locally and since we have opened I have loads of locals that have had a chance to taste my food.

What have I done to make sure my service is safe?

It was quite stressful and depressing at the start, but I knew I could come out of it. It is almost like starting from the beginning. I believe now after a couple of months I have tested a few new recipes and perfected a few techniques, talked to my suppliers about how are they adapting to the safety measures and let me tell you they are doing great.


As we all know this part is vital to avoid getting and spreading of Covid 19 and I want to be on top of it I want to explain what I have come up with to make you feel safe.


I do not go to overcrowded places where I might be exposed to the virus. We also use a car for transport rather than using public transport.



I use are really up to scratch with hygiene. I am very careful to use local ingredients and I know that the government authorities are really watching the safety of the businesses. The produce is bought over the phone and delivered to our preparation kitchen by the drivers sing gloves and masks with filtered. The chef checks the packaging cleans it and checks the temperature of the product to make sure it is maintained under recommended (for example fish needs to be under 4 for us so it comes in the box covered in ice) and then stored correctly.


Our chef Matej is fully trained with a food safety certificate and has had a course on how to adjust operations and transport.

Personal hygiene up to scratch, using a facemask, I have a hand sanitiser gel in my pocket and use it constantly and after touching any surfaces that can be used by more people.

Matej has different uniforms for work and travel. Different Uniforms include second footwear to make sure one he comes in does not come into the contact with the surface of your home, and clothes from the street and shoes are stored in an airtight bag. We use gloves and cleaning hands with a timer on every 5 minutes to remind the chef to wash them.

Unfortunately for now no hugs and no handshakes … this is the odd one for us we don’t mean it personally but If it helps me to protect you and us.


We have decided to limit our service to make sure not overload ourselves. It would be not good for to us do too much work and not be able to follow the instructions above.

The times are not normal but we have been living here for almost a half year and it seems we will continue living with the virus for a while. We also have the right and still enjoy great moments with family and friends.

Let us know if you need a catering, or private chef for any occasion like a BBQ, hen party, or wedding celebration… we are here to help you

Bistronomy Barcelona is one private chef and gourmet catering service. We are providing fresh modern quality Mediterranean food. Our clients prefer us by our quality and versatility of service and adaptable service. We provide exceptional meals to everyone be it a romantic dinner for two, birthday parties, pre-wedding celebrations, Small weddings, BBQs, Paella, Hen Parties, Holyday private chefs, or Corporate events. Our service includes cities all around Catalonia: Barcelona, Girona, Castelldefels, Sitges, Blanes, Lloret de Mar, Lloret de Alt, Manresa, Mataro, Sabadell, Ripo and all surrounding areas.


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