Romantic dinner service for two plus a wedding proposal

Last week I have been contacted by Max and he made a reservation with me to book my personal chef service for a romantic dinner for two in Barcelona.

I have received a call on the 20th June 2022 from Max and reserved my Private chef for a romantic dinner for two. Luckily I had a spot fort hem on the Friday evening as normally I am booked way before on Fridays.  It was really clear to me that I really want to impress them as I really wanted o make the occasion special without being in the middle so I have created a seasonal tasting menu with few appetisers to share and menu to follow.

I was really free to choose to cook any ingredients apart from oyster as Max really don’t like them but it is not a problem as I really wanted them to enjoy as much as possible.

On the day I was introduced to a Max’s friends which opened a door for me so I could set up table and store all of the ingredients for the dinner as I was told that whole evening is a surprise including me cooking that evening so after quick tidy up setting a table and the kitchen he have invited friends that have helped him to organise the evening for his now future wife. Once everything was ready and the couple have been close we had to hide so Max could propose to his girlfriend. Once he proposed (by the way she said yes) we all came out, his few friends have had a glass of champagne and after leaving I could start taking care of the dinner.

The menu We have chosen:

Hamachi Tataki

glazed with kimchi and saffron emulsion

Crispy rice cracker with Nori

Kimchi emulsion and trout roe

Savory almond sable biscuit with 24hr saus vide pork papada

Gerking sauce gribich

Grean pea gaspacho & carabinero prawn tartar


Cheese and tomato

“Tomato and cheese”

Organic cherrie tomatoes, savoury crumble, tomato granita, biodynamic olive oil & cheese ice-cream

Scallops with saus vide & roasted pancheta

Caramelised carrot ice cream and chicken sauce

roasted seabass

Roasted wild caught seabass

Spiced buillabaise & pink beets

Roasted duck breast

Arroz meloso


Chocolate and miso

chocolate ganache, chocolate crumble, white chocolate ice cream and miso

The menu was complete success and for me was really interesting as I really like to make the food slightly different and interesting but still most importantly my guest must really enjoy it. This particular service could easily sense that what was wanted from me is space for them to have the time and not push too much so they can enjoy the moment and that is what I tried to provide.

If you would like me to come and surprise your loved ones with your private chef service for two people please do not hesitate to contact me on my website I will be very happy to be there for you. I provide private service, personal chef service and catering in Barcelona, Sitges, Olivella, Castelldefels Palafrugell, Girona and all surrounding areas.

Lastly thank you so much for reading my blog and checking up my website, I definitely will post more of my service journals whenever I have some time and I will be posting more information about private chef service, personal chef service and catering and how I like to execute them.

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