In this article, I would like to write about my experience of being a private chef for a family visiting their Villa in Lloret del mar every summer for a nice 8 weeks holiday.   This private chef service included cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner six days a week. I have fallen in love and realized it is possible to be a private chef and enjoy cooking real high standard haute cuisine for my guest and be able to work as a private chef and personal chef in Barcelona as I was at the time playing in with the idea of going back to work in restaurants full time.   In June 2019 I have been doing a private chef for few months but as I did not have many guests I was thinking to go back to work full time in Restaurant, I was preparing myself to call my previous boss hoping to land back into a Michelin star restaurant, as I was literally going to call my phone my phone started to ring with some random number …I thought it is one of those spam calls you to get from I don´t know where… I picked up and  I spoke to a humble voice of Aleksandra and she had offered me a position of a private chef in their holiday home. I first could not believe it but yes it was true. This job has made me really successful private chef in Barcelona and this family are some of my most exclusive customers.  They really love Mediterranean food and I was cooking food that I always dreamed of cooking. The family works hard the whole year and come to Spain for holidays for last I think 11 years, now even have their own home here.   for 11 years and have decided a few years ago to build their own holiday home. 

Their place is really Wonderful; in the kitchen, I have a really beautiful view of the sea as the place is situated Lloret de Alt about 15 minutes walking to the beach. My idea is to completely spoil the Family and cook for them the most exclusive dishes.   I really enjoy cooking for this family as they really like seafood and fish which I really enjoy cooking. The family is well-traveled and also speaks English and Spanish very well so I have no problem speaking with them. All they want from me is delicious food, healthy not too complex but apart from that,they are open-minded as far as I use the best ingredients in the season.   My day is very long so I have for all of this time booked a hotel and I use it just to come to sleep. I start first of all by creating a menu normally a day ahead so I start the day by visiting a Lloret market where I get the best product for the day. The market is rather small but you can really get anything if you know how to ask they like to have prime ingredients available to everyone. They now know me and normally have prepared for me the best fish, meats, etc. Once I have my shopping done I get to the villa and start my service by preparing breakfast just you would have in the nice boutique hotel everything on the table fresh sourdough bread, a selection of pastry, milk, different yogurts, honey, cheeses, selection of hams. An apart from that I also serve freshly cooked eggs, benedict, poached, fried, scrambled made to order so just with breakfast there are quite lots to do.   For lunch, I make normally three-course menu starter, main, and dessert. The menu needs to fill however in August in Lloret de mar think you have about 30 degrees Celsius from the whole day and night so you can’t eat anything heavy. 

I like to serve the salad, cold soup such as gazpacho or ajo blanco main course might be vegetarian, meat or fish and finish with a nice dessert.   For dinner I make the first few appetizers to have with cava on the terrace. After the appetizers, everyone would have a three-course dinner from Monday to Friday however on Saturday I would make a more exclusive 6-course menu as on Sunday I take a well-deserved day off.     This sort of personal chef service is not for everyone as it cost a little bit more just like any VIP service, but if you can afford it I definitely recommend it. You might want to be sometimes spoiled and do nothing but go to the beach and chill in your villa have time to regenerate.   If you need a private chef or personal chef in Barcelona, surrounding cities such as Badalona, Blanes, Lloret de Mar, Girona, Premia del mar, Premia dealt for a holiday stay and want a quality please do not hesitate to contact me through my website. I am a private chef, a personal chef I serve private homes, Holyday villas, personal and private chefs for Airing apartments, Catering services for events of up to 75 people.   Ps: Do you like cooking yourself? I have few recipes on this blog so don’t forget to check them out and maybe subscribe as I am going to be posting much more!

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