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About our private chef in Sitges

our private chef in Sitges Matej Jaraba

At Bistronomy, our journey of Private chef in Sitges began in 2017 when Chef Matej Jaraba embarked on an exciting career project. His vision was clear: to establish an unparalleled personal chef, catering, and private chef service in Sitges.

With a rich background spanning over twenty years in professional Michelin-starred kitchens of renowned restaurants and boutique hotels across Europe, Matej brings a wealth of culinary knowledge to every dish he creates.

As a private chef service in Sitges, our goal is to surpass your expectations. 

We believe that the finest cuisine should no longer be limited to restaurants. Now, you can savor the best gourmet experience from the comfort of your own home or rental property.

Whether it’s an intimate dinner, a dream wedding, a rejuvenating retreat, or a memorable birthday party, hen do we are here to make your event truly extraordinary. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you and your guests will be treated to a remarkable culinary journey, leaving a lasting impression.

Welcome to Bistronomy, where we transform your special moments into cherished memories through the art of exceptional dining.


Our Menu


5 course seasonal tasting menu. Set by Matej using an Orgaic, foraged and eco ingredients in the season.

Excellent for foodies!

This menu has a wide range of seasonal ingredients and a set of more unique flavours. A real tasting menu experience guaranteed to create a memorable event.

From 75€

(minimum of 8 required or consult) 

Sourdough bread

served with dip of wood oven spiced almonds and alberquina olive oil 

Crunchy nori & rice cracker

with kimchi emulsion

Crispy croquettes

 Homemade crunchy corn fed chicken  croquettes, salsa satay & mini cilantro 


Roasted wild cought Corvina 

Served lime celeriac, calçots and pil pil sauce 

Roasted chicken from Prat

Parmentier potato with truffle, red wine sauce

Deconstructed cheesecake

Served with homemade forest of the fruit ice cream


7 course tasting menu set by Matej and designed around seasonal & top quality luxurius produce. 

Special gastronic ocassion!

Imagine dining in one of the best restaurant in Barcelona, but now available right in your villa, masia or rented appartment. We have been many times told that the quality we serve is found in michelin star places. We use our 15 years on ongoing experience to make this as special as possible.

From 95€ 

(Minimum of 4 required or consult)

Sourdough bread

served with dip of wood oven spiced almonds and alberquina olive oil 

Grilled sardines

Japanese style cured and flame grilled sdardines, cherry tomatoes and tomato marmalade 

Cockles XXL & soy 

Galician extra large cockles

Oysters from Delta de´l Ebro

Chilli & watermelon


Porcini, calcots and truffle


Served with puré of vanilla and lime celeriac, calçots and pil pil sauce 

Roasted Beef fillet from Girona 

Served with duo of carrots and ginger, red wine and beef reduction & ¨arroz meloso¨

Belgian chocolate in textures

Served with freshly made earl grey ice cream

Petit fours


Exquisite three-course menu  showcasing seasonal, top-quality ingredients. Ideal for larger gatherings.

Our shorter menu with starter, main and desert courses packed with as much flavour, excellent choice for larger groups, and for guest that wants to enjoy high quiality service.

From 55€ 

(minimum of 10 required or consult)


Sourdough bread

Spiced dip with wood oven toasted hazelnuts and alberquina olive oil

Cream of calcots 

served with roasted giroles and truffle oil and truffle ¨migas

Roasted duck breast 

Root vegetables glased with mandarin and ginger

Crema catalana 

catalan style creme brule made with dusk eggs, flavoured with vanilla, cinamon and citrus


Discuss your event and create a menu with Matej personally which is completely tailored to your own palette. 


Depending on season and availability of produce, we can design a menu full of exciting new flavours, with Matej’s expert guidance and innovative approach.



Our reviews


Matej is the best private chef you can hire!He cooked in our BliXX conscious sexuality retreat for a group of 8 in a private house. The menu was perfectly thought, supporting our needs and a foodgasm in itself.We appreciate the love, variety and quality of ingredients he puts into his dishes.He also came with his own car and cooking tools and robots which made our life so easy.The ease and patience he brings into his work is astonishing. Everything feels effortless and yet the food leaves you stunning.He was also able to read the group needs and adjust accordingly and he is very discreet which for us is key due the nature of our business.We definitely would hire him again for another outstanding more
I had the pleasure of organising a private chef experience for my best friend’s stag party, and I cannot express enough how amazing the evening turned out, all thanks to the incredible Chef Matej. From start to finish, Chef Matej’s generosity and attention to detail made the first night of the stag truly unforgettable.Upon our arrival, we were greeted with the tantalising aroma of freshly baked homemade sourdough, perfectly paired with a delightful spiced almond dip. It was an exquisite way to kick off the evening and set the tone for what was to come.The culinary journey continued with an array of mouthwatering treats. The fresh croquettes and falafels were nothing short of perfection, showcasing Chef Matej’s skilful craftsmanship.The highlight of the evening was, without a doubt, the best gazpacho I have ever had the pleasure of trying. Each spoonful was a burst of refreshing flavours that left us craving for more. Chef Matej’s versatility shone through in his ability to cater to everyone’s preferences. For the non-vegetarians among us, he prepared a delectable chicken gnocchi dish that left us speechless. The combination of tender chicken and perfectly cooked gnocchi was a true masterpiece.For mains, we enjoyed a wholesome fish paella. Meanwhile, the vegan risotto also received rave reviews, proving that Chef Matej’s culinary expertise extended to creating delicious plant-based dishes.Dessert was an absolute treat. The vegan sticky toffee pudding was a revelation, showcasing Chef Matej’s creativity in crafting a dessert that catered to our vegan friends without compromising on taste. Each bite was a harmonious blend of flavours that left us in dessert heaven.Throughout the evening, we were fortunate to have the attentive presence of Chef Pablo and Angelo, who took care of us with utmost warmth and care. Their friendly and professional service added an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience. Their execution of the meal was flawless, and it was evident that they genuinely cared about ensuring we had one of our best meals in Barcelona.Our private chef experience with Chef Matej was nothing short of extraordinary. His generosity in accommodating our preferences, the exceptional dishes he prepared, and the impeccable service provided by Chef Pablo and Angelo truly made it an unforgettable evening. I highly recommend Chef Matej to anyone seeking a unique and remarkable dining more
A really stunning experience: starting from the attention to details, the delicate tastes, the innovative food pairings, the accurate service, the artistic mis-en-plat, having a Michelin star trained private chef at home overcome every expectation. Among the best dishes and tastes ever tasted, above all, the best bread ever tried in our lives! Strongly suggested for a private dinner or catering, you will not be more
I had a private dinner party with 16 of my friends in Barcelona and private chef Matej cooked for us a fantastic dinner. I will definitely book him again.

What sets me apart

Our chef: “I really love my job as a private chef in Sitges as the place is super sunny and people come here to really enjoy their time, I have access to best ingredients I used to serve in Michelin star restaurants but mostly when I see people being satisfied by my work.

 I strive to serve the most exciting food to people that come to Sitges. I look for  the top ingredients so I can serve best plate every time. My food is all made by myself to make sure everything is how it supposed to be. 

Once you start eating you realise that all food is homemade from the sourdough bread, complex sauces, marinades even ice creams and that sets me apart as there are not many places in Sitges that you can get that now.”

Our private chef in Sitges Matej Jaraba


Private Events and Dinner Parties

From intimate gatherings to extravagant soirées, our private events and dinner parties are designed to leave a lasting impression. Let us create an extraordinary atmosphere for your special occasions, where delectable cuisine and impeccable service intertwine effortlessly

Corporate & Business Events

Impress your colleagues and clients with our corporate business lunch and tailored services for business trips. We seamlessly blend culinary excellence with professionalism, ensuring a memorable and successful corporate experience in Sitges.

Catering Services Tailored to Perfection

Looking for a catering experience that exceeds expectations? Look no further. Our catering services in Sitges are meticulously crafted to match your unique preferences and style. From elegant weddings to vibrant birthday celebrations, our team is dedicated to making your event an unforgettable culinary affair.

Birthday party to remember

Let´s organise you private birthday party in Sitges! Let us know what exactly you need and I will plan it for you.


Are you planing a small intimate wedding? Get in touch and make your dream wedding. 


  • Do you have a restaurant?

    I do not work or own any restaurant. I have done in the past but now I am full time private chef prepareing dinner party lust like yours.

  • Are all the ingredients included in the price?

    Yes all the prices I provide do include everithing. I have never increased the price before consulting with my guest before. 

  • Do you update the menu to the allergies?

    Yes we can update the menu to your intolerances and allergies if you let us know in advance.

  •  How does the private chef in Sitges work?

    Our private chef service in Sitges works really well to make sure you are very confortable. We arrive about 2-3 hours before serving you the food with fresh ingredients and start cooking for you and your family and friends. We set up the table with our custom cutleries, serve you and once you finish we leave the kitchen better than when we arrived. 

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