Hi thank you for coming over here. I had an the idea to have a small journal on some of my work as a private chef and catering service in Barcelona. I always customise each service to my guests needs. Here is what I have done for Fran and small explanation on what it is to have me at your home, how I create a custom designed experiences and. So with this I hope you have an idea of what sort of catering services and private chef services I am doing.


I thought I will start with one of my favourite regular customers (by now friend) Fran because he is one of my best customers I really like him because he loves my cooking and let me do what I want and it is always fun.


Fran have heard about my private chef and catering service from his friend Tania as I have served for her and her friend a 7 course-tasting menu. He said she was impressed and he needs a private chef to cook for him similar standards, as he loves toe at out in some of the best restaurants in Barcelona. I was surprised happy as the business with CIVID 19 is going really different now without tourism. As a private chef in Barcelona I was serving up to 90 percept for the tourists and I needed to really focus on people from here so last year was a little tricky I thought I would like to go for it from the beginning as not much help come to me from government and I wanted to continue working so I had to concentrate a bigger portion of my energy into getting more customers and also making sure I am COVID safe business which takes a lot of organising.


I was really grateful first for recommendation from Tania and after the dinner me and Fran spoke and he told to me that he was hoping for a good meal and that I have really exceeded his expectations by the cooking and private chef service. He mentioned the calibre of the restaurants he normally goes to (Including a two Michelin stars Hermanos Torres as his favourite) and he really likes that now with this crisis he can have same high quality of the food right at comfort of his home and he loves my concept of Bistronomy.


From that moment on I am serving to him and his friends a tasting menu regularly. I try to change menu so he does not get same thing twice however he is now starting to ask for some dishes he loves and that is exactly what it is about as I am always happy to custom design menu and adapt to everyone’s needs.


I make sure that he has always menu with few different style courses be it for two to more people. Sometimes come with a waiter to help me out with serving also wine I get for him. He loves my Attis Albarino from Galicia that goes really well with first three of the dishes of the menu. Fran himself has really great wine selection too so I am always happy to see what he likes to make sure I can provide it to him.


I spoke to Fran that the main thing to cook great meal are high quality ingredients and that I have most amazing produce from best fish, meat and ecologic vegetables. I have few really good producers that I call back to from fish supplier that brings me freshest fish right in the morning as he goes to Michelin star restaurants to foragers sending me fresh truffles from Pyrenees mountains. I have a real great quality.


1 aperitif / pre-starter.

2 starter.

3 fish course.

4-meat course.

5 desserts.

6 petit fours and coffee.


This menu is great for someone that really enjoys eating it is a nice size but needs a good planning. I love just three course menu I do them too but I always like to treat my guest with this one as most of people that book me as a private chef or catering they want something special. Normally they would even go to a Michelin restaurant as this times it s really difficult I like to offer this experience right at that time.


I always serve to all of my guest homemade high hydration sourdough made with ecologic flour I buy from Moli de Pico about hour driving from my home, the flour is amazing very nutty and gives my bread superb aroma and has loads of really good minerals.


This time I served to him and his friend a pre-starter of oyster tempura with a Little bit of Jerusalem artichoke cream and sea herb oil and caviar. Served in its shell the oyster was really beautiful crispy from outside yet full of sea flavour and soft texture. Jerusalem artichoke gave it another creamy luxurious soft texture. They where supper happy with start.


Starter is As a starter my already my classic green, fragrant vegetable cream topped with langoustines and vinaigrette made of olive oil, red onion, red chilli, ginger, lime, lime zest a tomato concass and topped with her shoots and borage flours from my garden.


Fish course I have served panfried fillet of denton on bed of slsifi, butternut squash and mandarin and chicken jus. Denton is my fav fish.


Actually this might sound delicious classic but main thing was the serving. Once I have cleared fish course I have prepared olive Wood plate with bed of herbs I have foraged and heated stake and cut it and arranged it beautifully and I have put a glass cover for smoking and presenting the meat separately and heated plate with super smooth puree, sauce, truffle.. once all the plates where served I have opened a glass cover releasing a little smoke as a Little theatre so my guest get entertain and so meat would be also with a Little smoky aroma.


Dessert I have done my White chocolate and vanilla fondant, raspberry crumble and sorbet made of forest of the fruit with a Little cardamom through it. This is just great combination of flavour and colour.


To closet he menu I have made Petit fours: kiwi macaroons, chocolate truffles, white chocolate fudge, and liche jellies and served it with a coffee.


After dinner I have spoken to Fran and his friend about the dishes and they loved the oyster and the meat most but they enjoyed very much whole menu as they did not get bored through our and everything was super nicely presented and explained.


I definitely enjoyed cooking this lunch and got some new ideas on how I can improve. I have done it many times so I could enjoy myself.


If you are coming to a Barcelona or Sitges, Castelldefels, or Girona or any surrounding cities and feel like the eating best ingredients and don’t like to eat in full restaurant maybe my private chef and catering service can be a good alternative. Let me know if so and I can custom design a menu. I have provided my private chef services for already so many occasions such as holyday stays, business trip, birthdays, family and friends reunion catering for small weddings, private parties, private chef for hens parties. Check out my site and contact me any time. I hope you have liked this blog post and it gives you a little information of how I take care of my guest and my private chef and catering service in Barcelona.



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