For what I try to offer I try to do a wide variety of services as a private chef and the main thing of all is the quality of the food, ingredients and really friendly service that does everything necessary for you to enjoy just like you would in a really nice restaurant. Basically imagine food you get in a really good restaurant but without leaving the house, which is really good right now considering the COVID crisis in Spain (I have also taken extra special precautions)

Does that sound good to you? Amazing next step is to look for one you like on Google and if you consider looking in more options I would really just Google private chef in Barcelona and check out few profiles of Private chefs (here you have some extra information on what to look out for)

You contact them on their web and choose the menu and the price and pay. The private chef will turn up and do his job.

My service is slightly different. I have completely open menu options and the menu is evolving depending on the season as I work with local freshest ingredients. In my opinion, the best way for a private chef is to have plenty of options and create an “exclusive” menu for every client and that is how I work, but not all private chefs have years of experience in professional kitchens. I prefer also not to overbook myself and the reason is this allows me to do all of the prep of the food myself and to make sure everyone gets the best service. That’s how I make my job super creative and I have super happy clients, which on many occasions end up being a friend.

The service differs from each private chef but I serve my food to guests up to 10 and from then on I get extra waiter for no extra cost, however some of the events I offer, such as wedding parties, birthday celebrations we might get extra help at a small extra cost. Expect all kitchen cleaned as it was before.

I guarantee that the service I offer is going to be great I had no problem yet and will not make a payment if the clients are not satisfied.

You can let me know what sort of food you like, and what ingredients you like or don’t and I let you know the menu in which we can adapt to any allergies and diet options.

Main thing is that client gets what they want and this comes from years of experience in great restaurants.

With us, there is not any upfront payment and you pay after the event. I kindly ask people to leave us their opinions and reviews.



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