Where to eat in Barcelona? Are you looking for a recomendation? I am not anyhow biased no one payed me to do this. This article is simply where I like to eat and would recomend you to go as a chef. Perhaps you are real foodie and need a place with a good food, wine and atmosphere ? I have found where many chefs and locals like to eat. Some might be Michelin stared restaurants some not.


Alkimia restaurant dining room

1 michelin star

Atmosphere: you will feel really special, great for dates, aniversaries… unique experience

This restaurant has 6 tables, open kitchen in very beautiful building. It is a living room of Moritz family; restaurant looks absolutely amazing.

I have been actually working here and I think it might be the best place so far. If you like a grill this is the place but please do not mistake this for any grill place this is not what you think It is a Michelin star place that uses grill in cooking their fish or meat.

They serve 2 types of tasting menu one shorter 8 curse and one longer 10 course tasting menu. The price is higher but it is due to the fact that they use best seasonal ingredients from ecologic farms, foragers, fish mongers.

They specialize in seafood and fish so do not be surprised that you will eat loads of that. The place is run by owner and chef Jordi Villa one of the very recognized chef’s n Barcelona. The cuisine is “New” Catalan cuisine. Menu is highly seasonal and changing according to the season and they put the best of the products on the plate. I remember to see daily to see not just fresh but still alive prawns, squid that is still changing a color …on a Monday (I have said on Monday because for chefs as we know you should not go to eat out o Monday because no supplier works o Monday so you will not be eating a fresh food on Monday that is why many places close down. However not in here I tell you go to eat on Monday evening because this is maybe the only place in Barcelona that receive freshest fish and seafood from Galicia on Monday nights) .

Restaurant with maybe the best produce in Barcelona. I remember seeing famous chefs to eat in there Ferran Adria to name just one …

Alkimia have also part of a restaurant that is called UNPLUGGED, cooking simple catalan and Spanish tapas cooked on grill and also bistro called AlKostat

Please do not be shy to ask for a tour of the kitchen you will se a rols royce of the wood grill I used to work on it and on the pastry.

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